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M., 2018

"I want to thank JADE Learning for the assistance I got from your company toward my Electrician Certification exam. I took the exam and I passed; I am now a certified general electrician in the state of California. Your material was very good and highly illustrated." (Comprehensive Study Guide)

New Hampshire

R, 2021

"The program was very helpful. I took my test and passed it the first time. All the practice tests were very helpful. I recommended it to other people that are going to be taking the test."


M.M., 2018

"This helped my understanding of the NEC and to get ready for the test. I took the test 4-14 and passed with a 90."


K., 2018

"I took the test 4/7 and passed with a 93 - first time taking the test!"


C.S., 2017

"I would like to thank JADE Learning. I am not one for taking tests. I'm horrible at them but after the second time actually taking the CA state certification test I passed with an 84% and I attribute that to the practice exams. It also helped a lot to have both versions. Thank you JADE Learning. Now I can get back to working and making money after almost 4 years being off work."


A.C., 2016

"Used JADE Learning 2 weeks before my test. 1st week was just the practice portion, 2nd week was the timed test simulation. Once I started my test all my nervousness disappeared because I had been taking the same test questions for two weeks prior. Passed my first time with 94% now my Foreman and Super don’t talk about their scores anymore because mine is higher. JADE learning was the greatest tool and I owe my success to them. Thanks guys you made a hell of a prep class and I've recommended the course to everyone I know taking the test."


R.L., 2016

"JADE Learning is not a teaching tool, it's a real world test taking practice tool. It is no substitute for doing the apprenticeship and putting in the book work and code study. For what JADE Learning is intended for, it shines. Excellent test question structure with time limits to develop speed in answering. Clear explanations of answers missed. User interface is intuitive and simple to follow. Jade Learning was not the only tool I used to prepare for my test, but it certainly helped to set me apart from others in my results."


B.W., 2016

"Each state is specific on the required knowledge needed to pass their exam. JADE Learning helped me study those areas so I knew what to expect. I was more confident after completing the on-line testing and using this as a guide to concentrate on my weaker areas. Since it is web access I was able to take practice test during free time from my Smart Phone. Thanks for all your help."


J.S., 2016

"What I liked best about JADE Learning's online electrical exam prep was the range of questions given allowed thorough study of the NEC."

I took the Texas Journeyman test yesterday and passed with a 91%. Your Exam prep was awesome.

- Robert T., Texas 2016